AlterCam version history. Whats new list.

AlterCam 6.2 Build 3390

  • added the ability to change duration for transition when switching between the scenes. Check the slider on the "Scenes" tab
  • several routines were optimized
  • a lot of minor issues were fixed

AlterCam 6.1 Build 3389

  • added automatic reconnection for the IP cameras when the connection is lost after a timeout.
  • added ability to drop frames for live video playback on slow computers to keep the original video duration.
  • added audio volume control for video and IP-camera sources.
  • added audio volume control for the internal video player.
  • added ability to mute audio from IP camera sources.
  • improved ability to set video file as a background.
  • new background images included.
  • fixed playing video files with transparency (including GIF files).
  • fixed the position of the audio driver installation button so that it is always visible.
  • fixed playback of MP3 files into the virtual microphone.
  • many minor bug fixes and improvements.

AlterCam 6.0 Build 3341

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR LICENSED USERS: Please note, it is a major version upgrade, and the activation details for v5.x will not work with this version. Request a new code or upgrade instructions using our automatic reminder at
  • [requires Windows 10 x64] added Virtual Background feature. Now you can easily remove your background (and replace it with what you want!) without a green screen.
  • [requires Windows 10 x64] added feature to apply the effects only for the automatically detected background.
  • added ability to scale overlays with the mouse wheel.
  • added ability to scale the cropping area in the cropping window while maintaining proportions (turn off scaling with proportions holding the Shift key pressed).
  • improved display and control of the cropping area in the cropping window.
  • improved scenes thumbnails informativity.
  • changed background fill with "Off" option selected on Background panel (now it filled with transparent pattern).
  • fixed monitor selection on the Background tab.
  • fixed selection support for some recently added effects.
  • many minor fixes and improvements.

AlterCam 5.6 Build 2128

  • added new effects ASCII, Money, and Light Bulb.
  • added Spanish localization.
  • added hardware acceleration for video decoding.
  • added codec information (in the status bar) of the current IP-camera stream.
  • added IP-cameras list on Add IP-camera Overlay dialog box.
  • added auto-sizing for Add Text overlay dialog to fit the text.
  • fixed crashes, when opening video files without video streams.
  • greatly accelerated program closing.
  • fixed updating IP-camera address after editing in Manage IP-Cameras dialog.
  • improved speed of loading of overlays, effects, backgrounds, and scene lists.
  • fixed adding video-overlays for some formats.
  • removed program slowdowns when recording video.
  • added a scrollbar for the Audio tab.

AlterCam 5.5 Build 1933

  • added ability to set and change settings for overlays-webcams.
  • added displaying the resolution of the selected desktop source in the status bar.
  • added information about the number of programs currently connected to the virtual camera in the status bar.
  • when the type of broadcasting of the desktop is changed, the scale is automatically adapted (if it can fit at 100% scale, then the layer is centered, if not, then it is reduced accordingly).
  • fixed webcam rotation by settings.
  • fixed updating the number of active overlays when deleting an active overlay.
  • fixed the bug: turning on the wrong camera when switching scenes.
  • fixed resetting of effect settings to 0 (and not to default) and their positions in the list when canceling loading of the last session after a failure in the previous session.
  • added many optimizations.

AlterCam 5.4 Build 1847

  • added new virtual camera source - images.
  • added a smooth transition between the scenes.
  • added vertical and square resolutions for the virtual webcam.
  • added the ability to set custom virtual webcam resolutions.
  • now, changing the resolution of the virtual camera does not cause reconnecting the video source.
  • improved layer selection.
  • much-improved support for multiple monitor systems.
  • improved scaling for High DPI monitors.
  • added RTSP over TCP switch for RTSP streams of IP-cameras.
  • added detailed log for IP-camera.
  • fixed a lot of minor bugs.

AlterCam 5.3 Build 1601

  • added the ability to crop the main video layer.
  • added ability to crop IP-camera, web camera, image, and video overlays.
  • added special tags for timer and countdown timer in text overlays.
  • enhanced Curved Mirror effect.
  • fixed time tags updating for text overlays.
  • fixed saving/restoring of the main camera layer position and size.
  • fixed problems with scaling the main layer with active rotation.
  • fixed stamps install path for paint overlay.
  • fixed issues with opening some video files with embedded covers.
  • improved the selection of text overlays.
  • increased default font size for text overlays.

AlterCam 5.2 Build 1521

  • added support for scaling the interface for High DPI monitors
  • added ability to adjust semitransparency for Transparency by Color (Chromakey) feature
  • added the Autodetect option for the IP-camera resolutions list
  • added option to select an audio output device for playing audio streams from video/IP-camera
  • added ability to output audio stream from video/IP-camera to virtual audio device or speakers
  • fixed waiting to stop IP-camera on program exit
  • fixed dropping webcam fps on switching video sources
  • fixed background drawing in Transparency by Color (Chromakey) dialog if "Off" selected in the background settings
  • fixed problems with video recording for some unusual resolutions
  • fixed error with recording into a nonexistent folder
  • fixed saving camera settings on exit
  • fixed some other minor bugs

AlterCam 5.1 Build 1406

  • much better sound quality for the virtual microphone in Windows 10 due to a better virtual sound card driver
  • added 4K resolutions support for virtual camera
  • added audio output from video files and IP cameras to a virtual microphone and mixing with the selected real microphone on Audio tab
  • enhanced ChromaKey feature
  • added the ability to output IP-camera connection log
  • changed: when the broadcast to the virtual camera is stopped, the broadcast to the virtual microphone also stops
  • fixed: key shortcuts for switching the scenes now works
  • fixed mp3-audio play speed during a test
  • fixed: if the virtual audio driver is not installed, you can still see the sound level, adjust this level and enable auto-normalization and noise reduction, as well as test the sound. You can also record audio with these settings when recording video.

AlterCam 5.0 Build 1214

  • new virtual webcam driver that should fix any cam visibility issue in Windows 10
  • added new effects Glitch1, Glitch2, Glitch3
  • added the ability to encode using h265 on Intel GPU (QSV)
  • added the ability to seek inside the broadcasted mp3 file
  • added save/restore of the mp3 file playing to the virtual microphone on start/exit program
  • checked mp3 files in the list now loop in playback
  • now you can set the image displayed in the virtual webcam when AlterCam is closed, or broadcasting turned off
  • fixed the plugin for AMD AMF/VCE encoding
  • fixed working of Selection for some effects

AlterCam 4.9 Build 933

  • added five new effects: Flame, Snow, Bleach, Edges and Neon Edges
  • added the ability to enter IP-camera addresses using separate input fields for various parts of the address
  • improved video file playback
  • improved changing IP-camera and video files settings
  • fixed cleaning of IP-camera addresses when closing the IP-cameras management list window
  • fixed problems with changing the resolution of the webcam and displaying the format when using a video file as a source
  • many other minor fixes according to user reports.

AlterCam 4.8 Build 890

  • added three new effects: Brannan, Earlybird and Noise Reducer.
  • added the ability to easily select overlay with transparency when clicking on a transparent point.
  • fixed updating of active effects counter.
  • fixed bug of adding video files to the sources list.

AlterCam 4.7 Build 855

  • Added the ability to mirror the virtual camera.
  • Added the ability to make a series of camera shots.
  • Added option to mute shutter sound.
  • Added warning about low disk space.
  • Fixed video files and IP-cameras list adding.

AlterCam 4.6 Build 819

  • fixed several issues, better auto-bug-reporting

AlterCam 4.6 Build 818

  • added the ability to add lower thirds as overlays.
  • added the ability to scroll text on text overlays automatically.
  • fixed a bug with non-starting after a crash
  • fixed several minor issues

AlterCam 4.5 Build 725

  • fixed a bug with the background images
  • fixed checking for updates, activation, sending messages to us (switch to https protocol)
  • several minor improvements

AlterCam 4.5 Build 724

  • added new effects: Chromatic aberration, Stained Glass, Waves
  • double-click in the status bar resolution area sets preview area to 1:1 scale
  • fixed several issues

AlterCam 4.5 Build 723

  • faster program start
  • fixed exiting from fullscreen preview mode (Alt-Enter keys)
  • fixed several minor issues

AlterCam 4.5 Build 722

  • added the ability to change virtual webcam name.
  • added four new effects: TV, Frozen Glass, Sketch and Rain.
  • added the ability to snap layers while dragging.
  • added the ability to lock moving along X or Y while dragging.
  • added support of UTF-8 encoding for video description on YouTube.
  • improved layers info.
  • fixed layer selection.
  • fixed duplication of resolutions in the list.
  • fixed error with the custom painting overlay.
  • fixed the order of applying effects.

AlterCam 4.4 Build 686

  • fixed several issues from your bug reports

AlterCam 4.4 Build 685

  • Added the ability to denoise audio from microphone.
  • Added the ability to change microphone level.
  • Added the option to automatically adjust microphone level.
  • Added the ability to show DirectShow configuration dialog for webcam.
  • Increased webcam FPS.
  • Enhanced video player UI.
  • Added FPS counter in the status bar.
  • Fixed several UI bugs

AlterCam 4.3 Build 568

  • new video recording engine
  • added the ability to write log file during capturing
  • added tray icon recording indication
  • added the ability to start AlterCam on Windows startup
  • added the ability to start AlterCam minimized to tray
  • now tabs undock when dragging by headers only
  • fixed audio echo with no virtual audio device installed
  • fixed audio test function
  • fixed a lot of minor issues

AlterCam 4.2 Build 512

  • fixed removal of Fisheye distorsion
  • If this function brings you an error, update the program!

AlterCam 4.2 Build 511

  • added the ability to play MP3 files to a virtual microphone.
  • added a tool to remove the Fisheye effect (Defish tool on Tricks tab)
  • added the ability to manage the list of IP cameras.
  • added the ability to manage the list of video files.
  • changed default bitrate for audio when recording video to 256 kbps.
  • added output to the error log when working with the IP camera.
  • fixed a lot of minor issues

AlterCam 4.1 Build 467

  • added the ability to pause/resume and seek video file as the source for virtual camera
  • changed video player for the camera, now it should support many video file formats.
  • fixed screen capturing after switching to the secondary monitor
  • fixed video player loading with many video files.
  • added the ability to record video when the source is a video file
  • fixed several minor issues

AlterCam 4.0 Build 456

  • several bugs were fixed. You can skip this update if you have no issues

AlterCam 4.0 Build 455

  • added "Scenes" for quick switch between the sets of the video source, effects, and overlays
  • added the ability to show/hide and dock/undock any tab
  • improved interface for selecting video source
  • fixed a problem with closing stream from IP-camera
  • many minor bugfixes

AlterCam 3.9 Build 422

  • added support of RTMP IP-cameras as a main video source and as an overlay.
  • added the ability to work with audio without installing drivers for virtual audio device.
  • added the ability to install audio drivers from AlterCam's interface in case you need the modified sound in the other programs.
  • several minor fixes and improvements

AlterCam 3.8 Build 412

  • now you can apply the effects to the select area of the frame only, use Selections
  • the snapshots are uploaded to your Google Drive now (using "Copy share link to clipboard button" in the Snapshots history)
  • a lot of minor improvements and bug fixes

AlterCam 3.7 Build 401

  • several minor fixes

AlterCam 3.7 Build 400

  • added the ability to record video with hardware h264 encoders (NVENC, AMD VCE, Intel QuickSync) - better video quality with almost no additional CPU load!
  • added live audio level tracking on "Audio" tab
  • fixed several minor issues

AlterCam 3.6 Build 362

  • updated audio driver
  • added the ability to set IP camera as video source. So, you can use your smartphone as a webcam now!
  • added the ability to add IP camera as overlays
  • many small bugfixes

AlterCam 3.5 Build 353

  • audio driver updated in order for better sound quality
  • now you can Pause and Resume your recording
  • fixed Curve tool in CPU mode
  • many minor bug fixes

AlterCam 3.4 Build 342

  • added new tool: Curved Mirror. Check "Tricks" tab
  • fixed a lot of minor issues

AlterCam 3.3 Build 336

  • fixed several minor issues according to your bug reports

AlterCam 3.3 Build 335

  • fixed several minor issues according to your bug reports

AlterCam 3.3 Build 334

  • added the ability to add web cameras as overlays.
  • added three new effects: Embroidery, Dream and Radiance. GPU only.
  • added the ability to take camera shot by timer (to enable, toggle option in the settings dialog).
  • added sound for snapshot.
  • added the ability to show captured image in Explorer.
  • many minor improvements and fixes

AlterCam 3.2 Build 322

  • added cursor animations when capture desktop video.
  • added the ability to rotate webcam to 90 degrees.
  • added full screen preview (press Alt-Enter keys to activate).
  • added the ability to set global hotkey to start/stop recording video.
  • fixed loop playing in the internal video player.
  • fixed opening video files with MJPEG encoding.
  • fixed option to turn off audio during video recording.
  • fixed logo positioning.

AlterCam 3.1 Build 319

  • fixed drivers uninstallation.
  • added the ability to rename custom overlays.
  • added line breaks in the text overlays.
  • added text alignment in the text overlays.
  • enhanced dialog window for text overlay settings.
  • added ability to adjust colors by certain values or by curves for web cameras.
  • fixed automatic choosing for Source Microphone.

AlterCam 3.0 Build 303

  • added the ability to add custom painting overlays. Now you can draw the overlays yourself!
  • added new effect: Oil Paint.
  • now you can copy the link to the captured image to share it with your friends
  • added image uploading indicator.
  • some interface enhancements and bug fixes.

AlterCam 2.9 Build 290

  • added ability to change the source webcam resolution and FPS (for advanced users)
  • added ability to see image capture history
  • added ability to share captured images to Facebook, Twitter, Google+

AlterCam 2.8 Build 280

  • add three new effects: Contour, Color Contour and Cartoon. Now more than 50 effects are available!
  • fixed some issues according to user reports

AlterCam 2.7 Build 270

  • added the ability to broadcast specified desktop area, specified window and area followed by cursor
  • improved cursor capturing
  • fixed some issues according to user reports

AlterCam 2.6 Build 261

  • fixed several bugs, thank you for the reports!
  • We are also waiting for your suggestions. What do you miss in our program? Help us to create a roadmap for the further versions!

AlterCam 2.6 Build 260

  • removed audio effects trial limitations.
  • added three new effects: Bokeh Blur, Bubbles and Hearts (available only on GPU).
  • small performance improvements.
  • fixed some issues according to user reports.

AlterCam 2.5 Build 251

  • several bug were fixed
  • !!! We need your suggestions for new features! Please write them to use by clicking "Write to us" button in the program!

AlterCam 2.5 Build 250

  • added the ability to set video files as a background.
  • added the ability to write a message to the developer.
  • added new effect named Scripture.
  • several minor fixes

AlterCam 2.4 Build 240

  • added ability to upload recorded video to YouTube.
  • added ability to preview and delete recorded video.
  • added video capture history
  • added three new effects: Grunge 1, Grunge 2, Grunge 3.
  • fixed some issues according to user reports.

AlterCam 2.3 Build 230

  • added ability to use video files as animated overlays.
  • added Flicker live effect.
  • added support of VP8 (one of the most progressive encoders) for video recording.
  • many small improvements and fixes.

AlterCam 2.2 Build 220

  • added two new live effects: Shake and Twitch.
  • added status panel for various useful information.
  • enhanced driver installation process.
  • fixed several issues.

AlterCam 2.1 Build 210

  • now you can change your voice in real-time
  • added the driver for virtual audio (select AlterCam Virtual Audio as you microphone in Skype or other chats)
  • added the ability to apply effects to the audio in the real-time
  • fixed several found issues

AlterCam 2.0 Build 110

  • now virtual webcam implemented as a driver, therefore it will work better with Skype and you can use it for online broadcasting services like Youtube and Ustream
  • added the ability to play video file in your virtual web camera, so AlterCam can be used as a fake webcam now :)
  • added the ability to save image snapshot from webcam
  • added Chinese translation
  • added ability to choose monitor to broadcast on systems with multiple monitors.
  • improved quality of screen broadcasting

AlterCam 1.8 Build 109

  • added ability to play gif animations in overlays
  • added context menu for overlays to zoom
  • added three experimental functions: webcam video transparency by color, by background and chromakey transparency
  • added new animated overlay samples
  • fixed some issues according to user reports

AlterCam 1.7 Build 108

  • now you can capture the broadcasting to the video file
  • added Unsharp Mask effect
  • improved user interface
  • fixed some bugs

AlterCam 1.6 Build 107

  • added GPU acceleration. No more slowdowns
  • added new effects: Zoom Blur, Tilt Shift
  • improved processing speed and quality of Fish Eye effect
  • improved quality of Bump Mapping effect
  • enhanced UI, fixed some UI bugs
  • fixed some issues according to user reports

AlterCam 1.5 Build 106

  • added new effects: Rotate, Mirror, Horizontal Split, Vertical Split, Quad Mirror.
  • added the ability to broadcast the screen and webcam at the same time. Check "Background" tab and select "Screen" there.
  • added the ability to insert date and time tags into text overlays.
  • fixed a lot of minor issues

AlterCam 1.4 Build 105

  • added new real-time effects: Duo-Tone, Tri-Tone, Color Swap 1, Color Swap 2, Color Swap 3, Red Only, Green Only, Blue Only
  • added an ability to broadcast the screen via webcam
  • the program is not in "beta" state anymore

AlterCam 1.3 Build 104

  • added new effects: Swirl, Halftone, 1977, Nashville, Hefe, Sutro, X-Pro II, Willow
  • added the ability to change the overlays opacity
  • fixed cursor change after the text overlay editing
  • fixed saving overlays' positions after resizing
  • fixed main window size and position saving and restoring
  • fixed some issues according to your bug reports

AlterCam 1.2 Build 103

  • quick fix of the startup bug when no active webcam found

AlterCam 1.2 Build 102

  • added the ability to add text overlays
  • added ability to change the order of effects and overlays
  • added the button to reset all the effects and return to the original video stream
  • added the button to refresh the video sources list
  • renamed "Underlay" to "Background"
  • added the ability to turn off the selected Background
  • added Polish translation

AlterCam 1.1 Build 101

  • added Ukrainian, Hungarian, German translations
  • implemented the ability to change intensity of some effects
  • added new effects: Red World, Green World, Blue World, Night Vision, Bump Mapping, Fish Eye
  • fixed several issues

AlterCam 1.0 Build 100

  • first beta