AlterCam Webcam Effects: Something for Everyone

AlterCam: Something for Everyone

Are you tired of every video feed looking the same? Wish that you could change the way your webcam videos appear? Now you can! AlterCam lets you add lots of cool visual effects to any Live webcam feed in real-time! Capable of handling 1920x1080 resolutions, AlterCam is ready to help you edit everything from one-on-one video chats to large conference room meetings. Whether you’re Skyping from a laptop or video conferencing over your PC, AlterCam helps you customize your video presentations.

Customize the look and feel of your webcam video

AlterCam: adding overlay image over the webcam video

Choose your backgrounds, colors and opacity. Add images underneath and over top of any live video feed. Create your own custom frame borders and select screen size; whatever your ideas, AlterCam can help. Before you know it, you’ll have fully designed webcam themes to choose from depending on your mood, who you’re talking to, or what you’re talking about!

Add a layer of anonymity to your broadcasts

AlterCam: Mosaic effect combined with Grayscale

Users looking to add a layer of security to their communications can opt to obscure their image through effects like mosaic, bump mapping, halftone, swirl and more. Because you can have more than one effect active at a time, it’s possible to combine elements to create entirely new and unique visuals. Experiment with what looks cool and have fun with your friends and family.

Get the kids involved with silly, fun effects

AlterCam: Fish eye effect combined with Avatar

AlterCam is loaded with over 50 image alteration filters. Many familiar effects are available: GrayScale, Negative, Sepia, Blur, Sharp, Fish Eye, 1977 (retro feel) and many more. Change the way your images appear on screen before and even during conversations. Never before has such an exciting tool been available to users of every skill level. Our intuitive, easy-to-use interface will have you playing the artist in no time at all.

Most of all enjoy! One of the key ideas behind the design of AlterCam is play. Whether you want your video feeds to appear professional, casual, or just plain silly we have something for everyone. Download a free trial version of AlterCam today and see what we mean! You can also check our webcam software comparison chart to make a correct decision.